Hong Kong Welcome


Welcome, Hongkongers!

The international port and city of Southampton welcomes new residents from Hong Kong through the HKBN(O) route.

Useful Information for Hongkongers in Southampton

We understand the challenges that you face in adjusting to you new life in the UK. This information is put together to help get you started.

About Hong Kong Welcome

Hong Kong Welcome is a project, based in Southampton with the aim of welcoming and supporting new residents from Hong Kong to the South East of England.

City Life Church Southampton was awarded a grant (details) in 2021/22 & 2022/23 respectively from the UK Central Government to lead the project and develop this website. We are partnering with HongKongers in Britain (HKB), Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), and other local VCSEs to make this welcome and support as warm and helpful as possible. HK Welcome has organised over 40 events to help the resettlement and integration of HKBN(O)s in the past two years.

Southampton is an official City of Sanctuary. This is a movement of welcome across the UK, from community groups to councils, schools to libraries, these vibrant networks provide support, dignity and welcome to refugees and people seeking sanctuary. With your support, we definitely can make the networks even stronger.

Our Buddy Programme

If you would like to meet up with someone who has recently relocated to West Sussex, please let us know and we can help pair you up so that you have a friendly face to help you feel at home.

Be a buddy

If you could help someone settle into here, please be in touch and we can support you to help others feel welcome.